Keeping a Healthy Mouth Healthy by Antoine Skaff

Though tooth decay is a serious problem, it can be easily avoided by sticking to a healthy, regular dental regimen. Plaque is a film composed of bacteria and sugars that form every day in the mouth. When it combines with the sugars in consumed food, it can produce enamel-eroding acids and should be removed daily. To prevent tooth decay, follow these simple tips:

-Brush and floss twice daily to fight the buildup of plaque and bacteria both on and between teeth.

-Keep hydrated by drinking fluoridated water.

-Follow a healthy diet, avoiding foods that are high in sugar.

-Visit a dentist regularly to have your teeth cleaned and examined.

-Use mouthwash after brushing and eating. It may not always be convenient to carry a toothbrush, but a quick rinse with an ADA-approved antimicrobial mouthwash has been shown to reduce plaque levels.

-Chewing sugarless gum has been shown to fight cavities by increasing saliva flow.

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Volunteering with the American Heart Association, by Dr. Antoine Skaff

The American Heart Association is a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and reducing their chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Volunteers play a crucial role in helping the Association accomplish this goal. There are a few ways that people interested in volunteering can lend their time or services to the organization.

Those who want to contribute can seek out their local American Heart Association organization. Visit the website at to learn about upcoming events that need volunteers.

The website also features helpful tips for individuals who want to raise money by organizing their own events, such as car washes or fundraising runs. Engaged couples might consider asking guests to donate money to the Association in lieu of buying a wedding gift.

Another way volunteers can help is to get their workplaces involved. They can organize events through their companies, such as heart walks or a Wear Red Days. Visit the website for more suggestions.

Lastly, anyone who wants to support the Association but has little time available can always give money.

About the author:

Dr. Antoine Skaff is a supporter of the American Heart Association. Professionally, he is the owner and resident practitioner at Antoine Skaff Family Dentistry, which he established in 1997.

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